The History of Muhammad and The Sunna - A Review

The History of Muhammad and The Sunna - A Review

The History of Muhammad, commonly known as Masnawi or Aabir, is one of the oldest and most prolific books in the Arabic language. In it, we learn about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his marriage to his cousin Hura and the period that followed. We also get to know about his early teachings, his mission, rejection and finally embracing Islam. The History of Muhammad, written by an American convert to Islam, attempts to show that the prophet's life touched all corners of the globe. He preached against violence and cruelty, yet managed to inspire people from all over the world to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of the prophet.

The History of Muhammad is written in three parts. The first part contains the events that occurred during the time of the prophet's life. This includes his birth, marriage to Zainab, death, emergence as a prophet and final ascension to heaven. The second part consists of his teachings and words while being tested in Mecca, including the incidents that transpired during this period.

The third part of the book provides a concise account of the events that transpired after his death. It starts from his funeral and the burial rites to his burial ground and lastly his departure for Mecca. The History of Muhammad, unlike other works in the Arabic language, follows a chronological format. Each topic is described in a concise manner accompanied with historical references and cross references. The author has attempted to write in an easy to understand style, using short sentences and clear diction so that even a non-Arabic speaker can comprehend the book.

The History of Muhammad was created in the year 632 AD and its composition remains highly controversial. The book has been the subject of many debates since its creation. This is largely due to the fact that, to the non-Arabs and even to some Muslims, the language and the style are extremely difficult to comprehend. Another reason for the controversy is due to the book's derogatory remarks about the previous leaders of Islam. The book was written by a book vendor who used the name of 'Uthman', which is a name of a much-revered leader of Islam.

The History of Muhammad is commonly accepted to be the oldest book in the Arabic language, as it was composed approximately seventy years after the hijacking of the sacred city of Mecca by Arab troops from the Arabian Peninsula. The book has an enormous popularity among those Muslims belonging to the Islamic religion and has many supporters even outside the religion. The book has a wide readership amongst ex-muslims as well. The language and style of writing make it difficult for non-Arabs to understand. In spite of all this the book has still not been translated into the English language.

In addition to the History of Muhammad there exists another book called the Sunna and the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This book is considered to be the authentic voice of the prophet, as it was written by his own companions and other Muslims who were present during his life. Sunna is derived from the Arabic word Sunn, which literally means the guidance or instruction. The book includes the traditions of the early days of Islam, the way the religion was founded by the holy spirit and how Muhammad compiled the Sunnah or the path that all Muslims follow today.

The Sunna and the Life of Muhammad are also popular as biographies of Muhammad. It covers the early years up to his death. The book contains interesting details about his life including his marriage to Aisha, his journey to heaven, the time he spent with the Virgin Mary and his preparation for his mission to preach the gospel in Arabia. The book describes in great detail the places and people Muhammad met and the challenges he had to face while preaching the religion. The book is a remarkable account of the early years and the path followed by the prophet towards his final destiny.

The History of Muhammad and the Sunna and the Life of Muhammad are two very popular books in the English language. The language is crisp and easy to read making it an ideal source book for teachers and students alike. The book has won several awards including the Aurora award, the Gold Medal of the International Islamic University, Cambridge University Press book prize and the Manfred Bischinger Prize for East Asian Thought. The book can be ordered online from all the major retailers. The author is avail of his full rights of the book and therefore can circulate as many copies as he wishes without the worry of any royalties or copyrights.

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