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Gone are the days when we used cell phones only to send messages and make calls. 

Today, smartphones have nearly as much processing and storage power as our laptops and desktops. Not only that, some smartphones are even more powerful than low tier laptops.

We can do almost anything with today's smartphones, including video editing. According to the report, consumption of mobile videos is experiencing rapid growth, growing by 100% every year.

It's easy to access any software with a cell phone as you don't have to wait for your desktop / laptop to turn on. Apart from that, it's also quite portable. The high usage of mobile phones has led to a drastic increase in the popularity of android apps especially in video editors.

The newer mobile video editing apps let you do lots of things like add filters, text, insert visual effects and a lot more. Indeed, there are tons of video editing applications, so finding the best video editing application that meets your needs is not easy.

There are many video editing applications on the market. This section of the article will mention other free video editing apps and paid apps. If you are a beginner, then the free app is good enough for you.

Now, let's take a look at the best free video editing apps that best suit your needs.

In this article, I want to explain what is meant by the video editing process. Basically there are two main stages in the process of making a video before it is ready to be broadcast, the first stage is the video recording stage which is usually carried out by one or more cameramen, in this process raw video recordings will be produced, and the second stage is the video editing stage that is usually done by one or more video editors.

The definition of video editing is a process of selecting, adding text / titles, variations, transitions, effects, songs, sound effects, narration, changing the appearance of colors, special menus for disc shapes, both DVD and Blue Ray formats from raw video (what is meant by video Raw is video that is produced directly from video recording devices such as camcorders, video cameras, cellphones or other video recording devices) into videos that have the appearance and video format we want.

The purpose of the video editing process is to make a raw video recording into a video display that is attractive and enjoyable to enjoy.

In this video editing process we can sort out which parts of the raw video we want and we can get rid of the parts of the raw video that we don't want (such as video that is unclear, blurry, out of focus, too shaky, etc.) , we can also fix our video recordings that are too dark or light, or the color is too yellow / red / blue. In addition, in the video editing process we can also combine photos with videos, and take photos from videos.

1" iMovie:

The first app on the list is iMovie, but it's only exclusive to Apple users. This is an excellent application for beginners, and it allows them to do every important thing they can do with a video editing application.

It has 14 amazing templates and features that you can use to edit logos, personalize cast names, credit notes and so on for your movies.

2" Lamafusion:

Lamafusion is an excellent application for iPhone and iPad users that provides Apple users with a desktop-style editing user interface.  

Lamafusion is an application that offers more than just text overlays and significant transitions. This is a tool that even professionals will admire.

You can position your clips, play around with gestures, add visual and audio effects, edit filters, and much more with this app. Best for those looking to turn to video editing & marketing to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for video.

3" Klip Adobe Premiere:

Adobe is always a consideration when it comes to producing great videos for multimedia purposes. It has lots of neat features included in it.
You can do almost anything you need with Adobe Premiere Clip. It is possible to sync videos according to the beat of your voice, add finishing touches, enter titles, trim clips and much more.

4" KineMaster:

KineMaster, a video editing app for Android, is aimed at professional video editors who love Android.

Even though it is a professional video editor, its user interface is simple enough for beginners as well. It can handle trimming and subsequent transitions.

 You can also improve the quality of your video by enhancing your audio output with its compressor control which allows the user to fix the original sound track.

5" Quik:

Quik is a fantastic video editing app for anyone who likes automatic video editing. This is one of the best video editing apps for YouTube or Instagram. It's a very easy-to-use tool that lets you use its easy-to-use features to select themes, arrange videos, customize graphics, edit fonts and much more.

It's also capable of editing playback speed, cropping, adjusting trim, and so on.

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