13 tips to stay connected to the internet everywhere

The French are more and more "dependent" on their Internet access. According to the annual barometer published by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions, among the 85% of Internet users in France, more than half admit that they cannot do without the Internet for more than a week. and for 74% of the people questioned its use is daily. Reading emails, following friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, viewing an ebook, streaming movies… Staying connected to the Internet everywhere has become a necessity for many.

How to have internet everywhere?

 have a mobile plan with internet

Of course, the easiest trick to stay connected to the internet everywhere, all the time, is of course to have a mobile plan including data. Unless you are in the depths of France, you will have easy access to the 4G, 3G or at worst ... 2G network.

If you are going abroad, be sure to find out about the additional costs applied by your mobile operator depending on the country.

OK, but how can I stay connected to the internet everywhere with my laptop?

Have a 3G or 4G internet key

The internet key market has really made it easier to access the internet away from home. The connection is made via the mobile phone network of the operator who sold you the 3G or 4G key. Having the same format as USB storage keys, these keys have a SIM card identical to those fitted to your mobile phones. It is through this smart card that you can access the internet anywhere. Using a 3G or 4G key is as easy as pie: once the SIM card is activated, you just need to plug it into the USB port of your computer (Mac or PC).

Remember: If you are going abroad, however, check that you have opted for an international mobile plan or Europe plan. Do not hesitate to go through mobile plan comparators to find the one that best suits your needs.

Public WI-FI hotspots to take advantage of nomadic WiFi

Many public places: stations, airports, gardens, squares, library, etc. are now equipped with WI-FI terminals. In Paris alone, you have the choice between 400 terminals distributed over you over 260 public spaces. You can access it by time slot thanks to a "Pass" that you will need to renew every 2 hours, within the opening hours of the place where you are located. Find all the information on http://www.paris.fr/.

Caen, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Toulouse, are some of the other cities which also offer this service for free. Others like Metz or Nantes also have public hotspots but to access them you will have to pay.

The quality of the WI-FI signal from this type of terminal depends a lot on the number of people connecting at the same time.

Do not hesitate to move a few meters to get a WiFi network that is less saturated and therefore faster.

Use the ADSL box of another subscriber

Recently, all access providers allow you to connect free of charge to the internet boxes of individuals who subscribe to the same provider as you. Since summer 2009, for example, Free has offered access to the 3 million freeboxes installed in unbundled areas: this is "freewifi". This is awesome. How to do ?

Nothing's easier. A little registration from home and you're done. You will receive an access code which will allow you to connect to the internet box of another individual. The subscriber whose box you use does not suffer any drop in the network and his connection remains secure. SFR obviously offers a similar service which is also accessible in England via the use of British Telecom subscriber boxes ...

Tip: Before traveling, check the network coverage of the location you are going to.

Use your smartphone as a WiFi relay

If you have a telephone package with access to 3G or 4G and no WIFI network is available, you can switch to plan B. Use your smartphone as a WI-FI relay via the “connection sharing” system. ”.

Two essential conditions: your smartphone must offer this possibility and your mobile plan must include this option. This is normally the case for the main operators, however find out if you are a customer of a so-called virtual operator ...

Don't abuse the good things. Avoid actions that consume too much data (downloading video, youtube, etc.) at the risk of quickly exhausting all your data

You can perform this connection sharing via WIFI or directly via USB. Via the USB port, your phone will be recharged… This can be useful as this option is particularly energy intensive.

Meet at a hotel with WiFi access

Internet access in hotels has become commonplace. Not all hotel establishments offer the same level of service, but generally as a guest you will have no difficulty. However, if you are not a guest of the hotel, you may need to demonstrate some negotiating skills.

Tip: If you don't feel like fighting at the reception, simply go to the hotel bar or restaurant.

Think about prepaid local SIM cards

Are you going abroad and don't want to "blow up" your phone plan? The most practical and economical solution is to buy a SIM card when you arrive in the country where you are going to stay. Depending on the country, buying a sim card will cost you between 0 and 10 €. When opening your line, a minimum amount is usually requested. You can generally choose data, voice, text ...

Opt for a prepaid SIM card with at least a few gigabytes of data. If you plan to make local and international calls, therefore, turn to a voice and data plan.

IMPORTANT: Before leaving, make sure your phone is unlocked to receive a foreign sim card. This is called unlocker.

And to connect to the Internet from your computer, you will say? You could use your smartphone as a WIFI antenna.

Never without my WIFI router

You are traveling on business and of course the hotel you are going to announces a fast and available internet connection. Unfortunately the reality is sometimes quite different. If you are worried that you will not be able to work serenely with the Wi-Fi offered, you can bring your own Wi-Fi router. All you need to do is make sure you have a room with access to an Ethernet outlet.

Starbucks is your best friend

Beyond what you think of the brand, Starbucks remains the ultimate solution for those who are desperately looking for a place to connect to the internet. In most cases, access to the network is free via a secret code (held by the servers or on your ticket). In some countries, the access code is even sent directly to your cell phone ... so you don't even have to use it.

Starbucks is just one example; most of the big restaurant chains (KFC, McDonald's, etc.) work the same way.

The good old cyber cafes

Not finding WI-FI is becoming increasingly rare. However, if so, don't panic! There is certainly a good old cyber café nearby. Of course, the connection will not be overwhelming, but it can help!

Cyber ​​cafes remain public places. So remember to disconnect from all your accounts (Gmail, Facebook, etc.) before releasing your post. And of course, avoid visiting risky sites as much as possible: your online bank, for example.

On the same principle, but often much more efficient, you can go to one of the 1,500 coworking spaces open in France.

Locate free WiFi hotspots

Even though our internet service providers promise us access to free WIFI hotspots everywhere, this is not always the case. It is sometimes not easy to find the terminal. IPhone or iPad owners, you're saved! The downloadable application in Itunes is there to make your life easier: it is Wifi Connect. This application gives you access to an interactive map grouping together all the available Wi-Fi hotspots (regardless of your internet service provider). You can even eliminate operators whose codes you do not have from the map and launch the "Route to this location" function to get to the nearest terminal.

I see your remark coming… What if I'm on Android? A pioneer on the subject, the WeFi database includes more than 150 million WiFi hotspots around the world.

Be-Bound, connect without a network

Connect without a network? Does that seem impossible to you? Impossible is not French ! Altheia a small French start-up did it. CEO Albert Szulman explains: “We started from a simple observation: the 3G network which allows you to connect to the internet covers only 14% of the planet, while the previous generation, 2G, increases to 86%. We therefore offer disconnected users access to their service via the 2G network ".

Be-Bound therefore allows you to connect to the Internet in an area not covered by the 3G or WI-FI network.

It is therefore not a service offering you a connection intended for intensive use but rather for temporary, rescue use, to stay connected to the Internet everywhere. Normally enough to access your email, check the weather, check your Twitter feed, or use Google Translate.

Using an in-car display

In recent years, we have seen the arrival on the automotive market of models of connected cars with on-board screens. Various solutions allow you to access your mobile applications from the dashboard of your vehicle or rental vehicle:

"Mirror Link" technology: a USB cable or a Bluetooth link allows you to transfer the content of your smartphone to the vehicle screen.

On-board touch screens: automatically integrated into the passenger compartment, these screens provide driving assistance tools as well as a catalog of applications.

CarPlay and Android Auto: you guessed it, these solutions are developed by Apple and Google respectively. It couldn't be easier to transport the world of telephones to your car's on-board screen.

Enough to stay really connected to the internet everywhere!



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