5 Reasons to create a Youtube channel for your business


The world's leading video hosting platform, Youtube is the most visited site after Facebook. The platform has nearly 2 billion active users around the world, including 38 million each month in France.

Creating a Youtube channel has therefore become an opportunity not to be missed for companies wishing to develop their visibility on the web.

Did you know that video is the most impactful digital media? It is estimated that in 2019, 80% of internet traffic is devoted to this record-breaking media.

On social networks, pages like minutebuzz or konbini have made video their main media.

No, Youtube channels aren't just for music stars, makeup bloggers, or cat videos. You need to think of Youtube as a second blog for your business. More shares, more interactions, more visibility ... Here are the good reasons to create a Youtube channel for your business.

Improve your SEO

With Youtube, your natural referencing says thank you! The first good reason to get started on the platform is that it can boost your SEO. Indeed, search engines favor, when relevant, the display of videos in the search results of Internet users.

As a reminder, when a person searches the web, the keywords that make up their query are analyzed in a fraction of a second by search engines. The results of the SERP are thus composed of content relating to the keywords identified in the request to best respond to users.

While keywords are of the utmost importance when writing blog posts, they are just as important when creating a video for Youtube. The algorithms are now able to identify the content of your videos and therefore position them in the search results when the keywords match. You can make the job of search engines easier by adding subtitles and tags to your video. To learn more about video SEO, you can read my previous article How to improve SEO with video?

Remember, in 2006, the platform was bought by the giant Google which now puts more and more videos in the foreground. Thus, you find yourself increasingly faced with results of this type:

While creating a Youtube channel is an opportunity to increase your chances of being at the top of Google results, it's also a chance to boost click-through rate. Indeed, the results offering videos display a large image that encourages you to click rather than go lower (this is the principle of rich snippets that catch the eye of the Internet user by differentiating themselves from other content).

Develop new content

Video is a powerful medium, yes. But it is also a creative medium. You can find many ways to communicate and add value to your prospects. Whether they are tutorials, product demonstrations, interviews, presentation or teasing videos, you can test many formats to offer quality content to your targets.

In BtoB, you can imagine customer interviews in the form of videos, tutorials or demonstrations for your products / services. You can also find partnerships and create mini shows related to your industry ...

In BtoC, you can follow the same leads with a more fun tone if your target allows it. You can also think about a web series to retain your audience if you have the skills or the budget to do so ...

Hit a larger target

Launching your Youtube channel will allow you to reach a target larger than that of your blog because your videos are alongside other expert videos on similar themes. They are therefore offered to people who are interested in topics similar to yours and increase your chances of reaching new users.

You can also benefit from a “younger” audience on Youtube than on other networks by reaching them with video suggestions.

Create a community around your brand

Another great reason you should start a Youtube channel is the possibility of creating a real community of customers and prospects around your brand. By creating regular appointments (weekly or monthly for example), you will create an expectation on the part of your subscribers. You can make the arrival of a new video on your Youtube channel a small event by communicating it on your social networks, in a newsletter or even on your blog.

Either way, get your audience to subscribe to your channel and like your video to increase your visibility on the site.

Increase your visibility

Beyond SEO and the community, creating a Youtube channel allows you to increase your visibility on the web. This is one more site where your business is present; It is therefore a chance in addition to being seen by your targets. By sharing your content through your site and your social networks, you will create real traffic to your channel and enter a virtuous circle for your visibility. The only condition: publish regularly and publish quality videos.

There are many more reasons to start your professional Youtube channel. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinions in the comments.


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